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About HSC Fabrications

In a world of mass production,¬†HSC Fabrication¬†takes a unique, customised approach to auto transporting trailer design and manufacture. At HSC we actually listen to our clients when they tell us what they need to accomplish, how many units they need to move, what kind of vehicles they’re transporting and where they’re travelling to. Then we design a trailer to fit those needs and requirements. To us, individualising a trailer is not a problem – it’s a pleasure. We thrive on the challenge of building a better trailer.

Enclosed trailer design and manufacture has been HSC’s most recent challenge. It’s a challenge the manufacturers have issued to the industry and one our customers passed along to us. In response, HSC has designed and now manufactures a completely enclosed 6-car unit, with loading systems, decks and hydraulics incorporated right into the structure of the trailer. This not only makes the trailer stronger, but also frees up more space to facilitate loading and unloading, resulting in far fewer damage claims. In addition, HSC manufactures a ramp system to fit a pre-existing van trailer. Built completely in the shop, the ramp system is a slide-in unit, which significantly lowers the down time for both the tractor and trailer.

In open deck hauling, HSC features a complete line of trailers, from Stinger-Steer units to 9-car trailers, to 5-car single axle systems and 3-car haulers that double as flatbeds for marshalling freight. Working with basic design plans for each trailer, HSC customises each unit to meet client specifications. At HSC, we truly do manufacture “your trailer, your way”.

Located in Hillsborough, New Brunswick, Canada (near Moncton). HSC is an accredited manufacturer. Our line of car haulers meets or exceeds all government and industry standards. Built tough to withstand harsh Canadian driving conditions, HSC trailers carry a comprehensive warranty, with service long after the sale as an HSC hallmark.