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There is a Hillsborough Trailer to fit every auto haulers’ needs. From fully enclosed haulers, to 9-car high mounts, to multiple position stinger-stell units – Hillsborough Trailers make it easy to load and go efficiently and profitably.

9-car High Mount

Designed for the professional auto hauler who appreciates the impact of carrying one extra vehicle will have on the bottom line.

hauls 9 mid-size vehicles with ease (10 with one on the overhead rack)
Accommodates mixed loads of cars, SUV’s, trucks and mini-vans
Independent decks for stacking
Hydraulic shot gun ramps to the overhead, etc.

Stinger Steel Trailer and Rack

A Real stand-by in the auto hauling industry, it can accommodate 10 vehicles (depending on rack style)

Split rear decks for stacking
Hydraulic shotgun ramps on front upper and lower decks to facilitate loading.

6-car Fully Enclosed

Designed and built exclusively by HSC to accommodate 6 vehicles.

Integrated deck sliders
96″ of clean interior drive-thru space
Double drop floor for increased height
Translucent roof and superior interior lighting

5-car High Mount

The key to the success of the versatile trailer is the single axle configuration, built to haul five vehicles with ease, it is an ideal trailer for picking up or delivering in residential areas or tight parking lots. On the open road it is a great alternative to the 3-car wedge, affording more flexibility and a bigger payload.

3-car Goosneck

This versatile trailer is great for moving show cars or any smaller load. Its hydraulically-controlled ramp facilitates loading vehicles and, in its flatbed mode, it can also be used to marshal or move freight.

6-car Rack Insert for Van Trailers

Give us your trailer dimensions and we’ll build you a customised ramp system to fit. Designed to carry six vehicles, our ramp system is engineered and built in the HSC shop, then bolted into place in the trailer. This greatly reduces the down time for both the trailer and the driver.

Hydraulically operated.
Easy to install on new equipment or as a retrofit project.