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Products and Services

Purpose-built Feeder Barge

Feed safely in all kinds of weather with this one-man operating system.

Feed up to one tonne in under 6 minutes.
Virtually no feed breakage.
From 10 to 16 tonne capacity.

Multi-purpose Barges

Single or twin screw.
30′ x 12′ up to 82′ x 24′ – Capacity: 8 tonnes to 80 tonnes.
Optional on-board accessories include: net rollers, cranes, wash down pumps, self-contained harvesting units, ramps, high pressure wash pumps, anchoring systems.
Wheelhouse accessories include: hydraulic steering, instrumentation, radar, GPS, heaters, and more.

Net roller

Easily installed on new barges or as a retrofit on existing equipment, our net rollers come complete with a wench spool for lifting anchors.

Pulls from 20,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.
From 20′ to 50′ long
Hydraulically operated.

Harvesting System

Completely self-contained stunning and cutting unit allows zero effluent escape to deck or into the sea. Gentle fish handling ensures better quality product with less scale loss. This two-person operation greatly reduces time and effort required for harvest.

Customer’s choice of portable or permanent installation.
Weather tight.
Optional heated work area.

Auger/Blower Feed System

Measure it, disperse it, control it.

Accurate dispensing of all sizes of fish feed, controlled directly from the wheelhouse.
Unique auger fighting virtually eliminates feed crumbling so fish eat more and waste less.
Increased blower distance to service large sites.

Anchoring System

One-man tie-up system that securely anchors a boat or barge to sea cages. Provides safe boat-to-cage platform for ease of working on-site.

Hydraulically operated.
Easy to install on new equipment or as a retrofit project.